About Dr James O’Hanlon

The Tiny Gardeners Project has been developed by Dr James O’Hanlon from the University of New England in Armidale NSW. James is a ‘behavioural ecologist’ who studies the behaviour of animals in their natural environment. He has worked on a wide variety of animals including the flower mimicking orchid mantis, colour-changing chameleon grasshoppers and predatory jumping spiders.

Visit James’ research website here.

On top of his research background, James is an experienced science communicator having worked at the Australian Museum and Code Club Australia. He has written popular science articles for BioSphere, Australian Geographic and the Conversation. To share his love of science James founded the science communication charity In Situ Science and hosts the In Situ Science podcast.

Visit the In Situ Science website here.

In his spare time James is an artist and enjoys painting, sculpting and generally trying to make his ideas come to life. You can follow James’ creative pursuits on Instagram @jamohanlon and hear him talk about how science and art go together in the video below.