Here you will find all the materials you need to complete the Tiny Gardeners Project including datasheets, instructions and extension activities for the classroom. Below is a short instructional video providing tips on how to run the activity in your classroom. Scroll down to find links to worksheets and lesson plans.




Tiny Gardeners Project Instructions and Datasheets – This document is sent out with the Tiny Gardeners Project kit. You can download extra copies of the instructions and datasheets here.

Tiny Gardeners Project Worksheet – This document is an example of a worksheet individual students can use to record their hypotheses, collect their data, and make basic graphs of their data.

Tiny Gardeners Lesson Plan – Here is a detailed lesson plan put together by Stuart DeLandre you can use to help run the activity in your classroom. It has been designed to provide extension teaching and learning within the context of the Australian Curriculum Science: Years 5 and 6

Tiny Gardeners Signs – Here are some small signs you might like to print out to put up near your experimental plots. These can inform others about the experiment and help avoid the experimental plots being disturbed.

More Educational Materials… Coming soon!