The Team

Dr James O’Hanlon
James is a zoologist and science communicator currently working at the University of New England. He studies the behaviour of animals in their natural environment and is the host of the In Situ Science podcast. You can find out more about his research here.

Matthew McKenzie
Matthew is the principal of Thalgarrah Environmental Education Centre in Armidale and a champion of all things science education and outreach throughout the New England Region. Matt has led the development of educational materials for the Tiny Gardeners Project.

Secondary science teacher and founding principal of the Illawarra Environmental Education Centre. Nowadays works across the network of NSW Environmental Education Centres in the development and delivery of resources including: AUSMAP (Australian Microplastic Assessment Project ), Office of Environment and Heritage (Saving Our Species), Central Coast Council (Investigating Porters Creek wetland), Cool Australia (MangroveWatch); and Year 11 science depth studies about rocky shores, significance of tree hollows as habitats, monitoring Sydney Rock Oysters, habitat needs of the endangered Regent Honeyeaters and the impact of Bitou Bush upon coastal sand dunes.